Friday, January 27, 2012

Breaking news for G11i Pro and HD7 Pro owners!!!

For those that weren't following the respective G11i Pro or HD7 Pro support threads, here are the breaking news:
Both phones can now support one of the most desired features - SIM2 will be reachable even if there's an active data connection established on SIM1. The data connection will be immediately dropped when a new call is incoming from SIM2 and the download will be automatically resumed after the call is over.

In my opinion, that's the most important feature of the newly released ROMs. Although, there are many more changes / improvements... such as battery consumption reduction, better memory management, speed improvements, many bug fixes and, of course, some cosmetics changes. Here are just a few eye candies.

For the most distracted ones, here are the links to the support threads:



  1. Great, great news :)
    Good job Bruno!

  2. Hi there, Which would yu suggest between B63M and HD73G phones?

    Thank you

    1. Well, I haven't tried any of those phones. Nevertheless, if you are going to buy one, I would recommend you to wait for the new ones, based on MT6575 chipset.

    2. I have decided to buy the G11i pro, do you also would recomend me to wait for the new phones?

    3. Also, for future references. If I want to install roms like this, do I need to buy the phone rooted?

    4. Phone does not need to be rooted because with these MediaTek based smartphones, you can easily flash a custom recovery which will then allow you to install any custom ROM you want.

  3. could you explain how to implement that fix in other mtk6573 device rom?
    i have CECT e5 (same as G11i pro but 3.5" lcd) and have same problem....