Saturday, October 29, 2011

G11i Pro (Dual SIM with 3G support)


If you have read my G11i review and became interested, you'll definitely desire one G11i Pro. It was released approximately one month ago and the main difference when compared to G11i is the chipset... it's based on MT6573, which means 3G support! That's right, G11i Pro is a Dual SIM Dual Standby smartphone with 3G support.



Name:MediaTek MT6573
CPU:650 MHz ARM11™
GPU:PowerVR™ SGX 531
Instruction set:ARMv6

Software environment

Embedded:OS: Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)


(width x height x depth):
120 x 64 x 11.7 millimetres
Weigth:140 grams


Capacity: 1450 mAh


RAM:capacity:512 MB
ROM-capacity:512 MB
Expansion slot:microSD memory card, supporting up to 32 GB

Network support

Primary phone:GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS900, UMTS2100
Secondary phone:GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900


Type:Sharp LCD capacitive touchscreen
Size:4.0 inches, WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixels)


Main (rear):8 megapixels (interpolated) with autofocus and dual LED flash
Secondary (front):1.3 megapixels


Bluetooth (802.15):Bluetooth 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate
Wireless LAN / Wi-Fi (802.11):  IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g
USB:USB 2.0 Client, Hi-Speed (480 Mbit/s)
USB Series Micro-B (Micro-USB) connector

Satellite navigation

Built-in GPS module:MT6620 chipset
GPS antenna:Internal
Complementary GPS services:  A-GPS (Assisted GPS), MediaTek EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit)

Additional features

Gravity, Proximity and Light sensors
Analog Radio:FM radio (87.5-108 MHz) with RDS radio receiver

Design and construction

In terms of quality of construction, there are no differences between G11i and G11i Pro. It is still a greatly built copy of Incredible S.

As a quick side note, the original battery from HTC won't fit in this phone. I'm just referring it because some people asked me if the original battery would fit. In fact, that's the only original accessory that you can't use on G11i / G11i Pro. 

There's only one subtle difference in the Pro version, when compared to the normal one. That is the microSD slot, which has been moved a little bit and the battery now obstructs the removal of the memory card (it isn't hot-swappable any more).


There's not much to say about the display, as the manufacturer is still using the same good old Sharp LCD screen...


Just in case you've missed my G11i review, please take some time and read it now because it doesn't make sense to detail all the features again (jump directly to G11i functionality review). Everything is pretty much the same and the only new feature that is worth mentioning is the 3G support.

Under the dual SIM management menu, the user already had the possibility to set a default card to establish all outgoing voice calls. In addition, given that G11i Pro supports 3G networks, the option of video calls can now be noticed.

The user can choose the SIM to establish the data connection and although SIM1 supports data connections up to HSPA, SIM2 is limited to EDGE / GPRS.

Final thoughts

Well, if you were looking for a good Dual SIM featuring 3G support, this is a great choice. It sports good voice call quality, stability, fast and smooth user experience.

Just let me finish this review with a little advertisement... in order to avoid questions regarding where to buy it from, you can always visit my partner shop ( G11i Pro is now available for 229 USD.


  1. Hi Bruno,

    First off, thanks for all the awesome reviews. Your hard work is much appreciated.

    From what I can see, it looks like this "pro" version does not support GSM networks for both Sims (i.e. running sims from two different providers, with both using GSM). I was under the impression that the previous version you reviewed would allow two GSM sims to run. Is that correct?

    If so, is the previous "non-pro" version still available for purchase anywhere that you know?

    If it is not available, is there a dual GSM android phone available that you would recommend?



  2. Sorry if my review made you become confused. G11i Pro is a Dual SIM Dual Standby, just like the previous phones that I have reviewed, except that it also supports 3G networks.

    That doesn't means you are forced to use a 3G SIM in one of the slots. You can perfectly use two GSM SIMs.

    Please let me know what lead you to think that so that I can be beware in future reviews.

  3. Hi Bruno,

    Thanks again for the reply. My confusion wasn't from anything in your review, but was rather from a question and response from another person over on the etotalk website. (It was the one dated October 29th by the user named ROAGUY).

    I really appreciate you clearing it up for me.

    I had also posted a similar question on etotalk myself and I see that they answered me today as well and their answer matches your own.

    Thanks again. I think I will order this phone now.

  4. Hi,

    Can you tell me of this G11i Pro is faster than the T888?

  5. Are you referring to FET T8888 (the clone of HOT HD958)?

    Well, if you look into my review of G11i (non-Pro version), you'll see some benchmarks. CPU and GPU used in MT65x3 are both better than the used on MSM7227.

    In terms of stability and call quality MT65x3 smartphones beat any other previous clone. Apart from that, T8888 (or HD958) still runs Android 2.2 and I don't expect an update any more like it was advertised by the manufacturer.

  6. Hey Bruno,

    1st of all I appreciate all you've done and I have been researching dual sim android phones for a few days now while waiting 2 get buyers for my curve 3g.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if the dimensions and placement of cables/headphone jack/charger slot of this phone is similar to that of Incredible S because I want 2 buy some accessories for the G11i Pro when I buy it in a few days. If the dimensions are not the same, can you tell me when I can buy some accesories for the G11i Pro like casings and screen protectors?

  7. As I wrote on the review, all original accessories for HTC Incredible S will suit on G11i / G11i Pro. The only exception is the battery, which is totally different from the original.

  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I did notice you saying that in the review but according to the specs comparison of both the G11i Pro and the Incredible s, there is a slight difference in size and dimensions of the phones. Sorry to be annoying but are you sure the original accessories for HTC Incredible S will suit on the G11i/G11i Pro?

    HTC Incredible S
    Dimensions 120 x 64 x 11.7 mm

    G11i Pro
    Dimensions 118 x 61 x 12.8 mm

  9. Well, I guess those differences are not that significant. I have a Brodit holder that was designed for HTC Incredible S and G11i Pro perfectly fits. A friend of mine also bought a desktop cradle and it fits as well.

    1. I purchased a HTC Droid Incredible 2 car dock but it doesn't fit my G11i Pro. Upon further inspection the USB port for my G11i Pro is the reverse of both the HTC Droid Incredible 2 and the HTC Incredible S so I would love to know how you were able to fit your phone in these docks?

    2. Well, you are right. The USB port is reversed and I had to do some modifications to the Brodit passive holder.

  10. Thanks Bruno. I feel much better now that i knw its basically the same size.

    1 more thing. I read that if im using internet on sim1, whoever tries calling me on sim1 or sim2 goes straight to voicemail. I have asked the supoort staff at etotalk and they have been very helpful. According to them, if i am online on sim1, both simcards are on standby and i can receive calls but as soon as i pick up the phone call, the internet stops.

    Which is true? Do i get incomin calls while online or do they go straight to voicemail as if my phone is off?

  11. @Buff-A-Licious - "I have asked the supoort staff at etotalk and they have been very helpful."

    I posted a question on etowalk's site asking about this and if it affected the HDC A9100 as it uses the same chipset. I cited Bruno's thread ( and it was deleted. Sent them an email and still waiting for a response.

    I'm torn between the G11i Pro and the HDC A9100 but if this is a problem on both then it kind of makes them useless as a work/personal phone combo.

    One last point to anyone who has either of these phones, could you post a YouTube vid showing SIM1 with data connection and receiving a calls to SIM1 and SIM2? I think that would settle the issue once and for all.

    Cheers - and a big thanks to Bruno for investing his precious time to customising something other than HTC or Samsung phones :)

  12. I emailed them about it and they said that it has no problem receiving calls on both simcards while u use internet but the internet will go down if u pick up the calls. I can live with that. I've just ordered my phone yesterday, hopefully when i receive the phone, that is true. I can't live with either phone or internet. I need both.

  13. Hi Bruno,
    Thanks answering.
    Small problem is that the G11ipro dont have Dutch/Netherland language ;-((.
    Can you tell me more about the FTE K600S?
    Regards, Dirk

  14. Hi again,

    Does work flash on this phone?

    Cheers, Dirk

  15. Yes, Dutch language is not supported at the moment.

    Adobe Flash works on G11i Pro, yes. Check my thread on the support forum.

  16. Ok, I got a response from EtoTalk about the MT6573 phones (that'll teach me for being so quick to judge).

    If you remember I asked if it had the same problem that was reported on the G11i Pro where an active data connection on SIM1 would send calls to SIM2 to voicemail ....

    "Yes, they are the same chipset.

    It is a technical barrier of smartphone.


    So it the HD958 is the only smartphone we know of that will allow you to YouTube/Surf/etc on SIM1 then drop it automatically to allow an incoming call on SIM2?

  17. @Buff-A-Licious

    Would you be able to post a video of testing web browsing/youtube or something on SIM1 and attempting to call SIM2 at the same time?

    I know people (including me) keep asking this but there seems to be some general confusion about what an active internet connection is (you can have an active internet connection without actually transferring data).

    I'm starting to think that no matter which dual SIM standby you go for if you are transferring data on SIM1 then it's the same as being on a call so SIM2 will go to voice mail???

    Thanks (and sorry for the long post)

  18. Does this phone work in Australia and can the GPS maps for Australia be loaded?

  19. Hi guys,

    Just got the g11i pro. Cut a long story short, got a hd2 which I could never connect to 3G so rather than swapping, I sent back and ordered this phone.

    I still can't get 3G!!! All the settings seem right, just won't connect to 3G. Makes calls, wifi ok. Imam at a complete loss.

    Take the sim out and pop it into an iPhone or htc wildfire and works first time?!

    I am on UK Vodafone. Help!!!

  20. Just check if APN settings are properly set. Call your network operator to make sure you have the right settings.

  21. The APN settings are fine - I have checked 20+ times. If I remove the SIM and put into a iPhone etc, 3G (H appears) straight away.

    Any other ideas? I am in the UK so operate on the 2100Mhz range for 3G which this phone is supposed to support, right?

  22. OK, I have installed (through Wi-Fi) and from Marketplace - NetworkSwitchAlertFREE - that is telling me I am 3G+ HSPA connected 7.2 Down / 5.76 Up on Vodafone UK. Goodo!

    The issue is using Marketplace, Internet, in fact anything that requires data, it just says No connection (Retry) or in the browser - Web page unavailable - check to make sure your device has a signal??????

    I have also used an O2 UK SIM and get the same results.

    Any ideas guys? Its driving me crazy.

  23. Please repost again your comments. I've deleted it without intention.

  24. All sorted now, thanks.

    I was missing the PAP authentication that Vodafone omitted to tell me I required.

    Additionally, is the forum down? Its been down for days now.

    Bruno, are you working on any kind of battery drain issues? Having had the phone for a week or so now, the battery is just dreadful!

    Will donate a little something to your account ;)

  25. Hi! Bruno,

    Will your ROM work for HOT G11 / WG1000 3G WCDMA Android Dual Sim? It's pretty the same except for the cam where the ATT G11i pro is 8.0 MP and the HOT G11 is 5.0 MP.

    Will there be any problems with the camera if i flash the lower spec with the Pro ROM?



  26. Hey Bruno,

    Android Marketplace - fine for FREE apps, but won't install any Paid apps. Any ideas of a workaround?


  27. I'm planning to release a new ROM soon, which seems to consumes less battery. Other than that, it has many new features. Please pass by the forum to be up to date.

    Regarding the paid apps on Android Market, that seems to be a problem that affects all MT65x3 phones - aren't validated by Google. I'm still trying to get a fix for that.

    1. For the most distracted, I have already fixed the above mentioned problem. Visit the support thread to get the latest ROM for G11i Pro.

  28. What is really GPS chip there? Your Info is MTK 6620, but on the etotalk say 'Built In SiRF III GPS'. How intensely battery is discharge when GPS power on?

    1. The chip used is in fact MT6620, a 4-in-1 (GPS / WLAN / BT / FM) solution from Mediatek.

      Read more here.

  29. Ok, thanks a lot.
    I want to buy this phone. How can I delete all chinese software ang language from device? And may be do you have modded ROMs?

    1. You won't need to deleted Chinese applications because it will be delivered with my custom V1.1MOD ROM. Visit the support thread to find out more about my G11i Pro custom ROMs.

  30. Also, is offer to buy with Skype preinstalled. Is G11i Pro support 3G video Skype calls?

    1. G11i Pro (or any other MT65x3 based device) doesn't not support video calls. It only supports voice calls. Given that Skype is free, I believe that there's no need to pay for that service.

  31. Screen is mat. Are display colours vivid? Is glossy display of Tops HD7 3G better than AT&T G11i Pro?

  32. Bruno, I have been following this discussuins about the G11i Pro and I am wondering what choices I have to make between the ZTE U960 and the G11i Pro. What can you say about this? I bought the HDC A9100 from and the specifications for ROM and RAM were below the figures advertised. Do I have to worry about this if I purchase any of these two options I currently have?

    1. Well, that's what you get with those untrustworthy shops.

      If you think ZTE U960 is worth the money, then go for it. For me it is not worth, even though it has dual radio. G11i Pro, with my latest custom ROM, is at his best. But beware that the MT6575 based devices will soon start appearing.

    2. I am falling for the G11i Pro but there is one question I would like you to answer for me before placing my order tomorrow from etotalk. Are the ROM and RAM specs what one gets on this phone? I had a series of "out of memory" issues with the A9100 which I got at the end of 2011. The black plate which holds the charging leads inside the usb port just broke about three weeks ago and I cannot use the phone. I hope the G11i Pro is very robost and not prone to any physical weaknesses.

    3. Well, the specifications that you find on my reviews are true. It wouldn't make sense to be other way.

  33. Is there an application that shows me the built-in rom and ram?

  34. hi bruno,

    any news from eto talk about any HTC Clone under the new 6575 chipset?