Friday, January 21, 2011

HOT HD9 (Dual SIM) - Part II


As promised, here is the second review of HOT HD9 Dual SIM, that will now cover only the operating system part, now running Android. I flashed the Android ROM just two days ago, so I haven't really had the time to fully enjoy my "new" phone. Yes, I can say that it became a completely new and different phone because Android is simply amazing and runs really well on it.

The first boot...

Flashing a new ROM always makes me nervous, so it's a relief when the boot screen finally appears...

Android user interface

I believe that you already know or heard about Google's operating system for mobiles - the Android. This is the stock user interface.

And the default lock screen...

I let you with a video of the official Android 2.2 features:


In the first part of this review, I did told that this phone runs Windows Mobile quite smoothly, but Android runs much better. 

From the moment you start the experience of Android with the phone, it can be easily noticed that there was a very thorough development of the dual SIM support. As before, the user can choose from which SIM to initiate the call from the dialler. In call history screen, missed / received / made calls can be checked with the indication of the SIM number. In addition, you can filter calls by SIM.

The messaging application displays threaded conversations, just like internet messengers. There's also the indication of the SIM from which the message was sent or received. 

It's a breeze to set up e-mail accounts (especially if you have Google accounts), make calls and send text messages, surf the web and add new programs from the Android Market.

The ability for the user to choose the SIM that can establish a data connection is still present, as well as the schedule power on / off feature.

Just as I expected, the battery lifetime with Android was reduced. As you can see from the next chart, the average lifetime of some native Android smartphones is almost 6 hours.

Don't worry, HD9 is way above the average and beats all those phones. In the first two days of my Android experience, the battery had to be charged every day. Although, I used GPS and Wi-Fi a lot, along with my normal usage... about 2 hours of calls, Bluetooth always on and GPRS data connection from time to time.

The camera

The default camera application, once again with lots of settings.


Final thoughts

I  have to say to you that this is not my first dual SIM smartphone, however it is the first one that supports both Windows Mobile and Android. Now that I have tried Android, I can say for sure that I will never go back to Windows Mobile.

I will let you with my conclusions about highs and lows when comparing this phone running Android versus Windows Mobile.

  • Smoother operation
  • Multi-touch functions works much smoother
  • Better dual SIM integration
  • Decreased battery lifetime (Android is known for being more power hungry)
  • Camera driver only supports 3MP resolution photos (may be solved in future ROM updates)


  1. Hi my name is Nick and i have ordered the same phone from the same site can you please add a comment about 1) the multitouch functions ( is so accurate like the origimal htc hd ? ) and 2)how is the performance of the in net surfing ?

    thnxs for your time

  2. The multi-touch functions are smoother in Android and it almost seems like an iPhone, not as fast of course. In Windows Mobile you notice that those functions are not so good and zoom in or out is a bit slow. Android is much better, for all reasons.

    The performance while surfing the net is great. I have used Wi-Fi a lot and internet pages open fast. Downloading application from the Android market is fast and easy.

    By the way, have you provided the voucher code at the time of purchase?

  3. Hi,

    I want to grab this mobile its nice but i have few qstns...

    1)How do you flash android 2.2 and where do you get it?

    2)If i flash would the mobile have the previous wm 6.5 also or only latest ROM.

    3)If the mobile has both the OS WM 6.5 and android 2.2 would the speed get affected as compared to single os mobile... or it would retain the same...

    Thanks in advance :)

  4. Hello,

    My opinion is that you should get the phone with the desired OS already pre-installed. If you wish to flash to a different OS, you'll need a special flash cable. I will post the instructions on how to do that later on.

    This phone only supports one operating system at a time, so you can't have both Windows Mobile and Android.

  5. Hmmm...thanks for the reply...but in few sites and videos i see both dual boot OS how is that possible??..

    And is it dual core processor..??

  6. In this MTK HD2/HD9 the dual boot OS is not possible.

    The processor is a Dual Core ARM9 - 460 MHz + 280 MHz.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

  7. Thanks!..

    1) You mentioned that compatibility with original accessories so i can use original HTC batteries, Charger etc..

    2) And do you think 460 MHz + 280 MHz (740MHz) is really enough for the 3D games and future versions of android 2.3, Windows phone 7 etc... Because original uses 1Ghz...

    3) Can i use the original android market to buy and download apps in it....

    4) How do u differciate that this mobile cannot dual boot?

  8. 1) Yes, that's correct. I mentioned that in my review.

    2) No, I don't think it's enough for 3D games, but it may be updated to Android 2.3 in the future. Forget about WP7 because that will never run.

    3) Android Market works as normal, you can download free and paid apps and games without any problem.

    4) I just know that this phone doesn't support dual boot and that's all.

  9. How much days does the battery lasts...??..

    And is it really a 8mp camera or 5mp one?..

    Could you just post some video on ROM flashing , demos would be helpful for us to understand the mobile better...:)

  10. Hi!!, excellent review!! Im anxious to see the flashing procedure!!, was it easy?, Thanks!!

  11. no 3mp one. I have the phone. its allright but the simcards seem to go offline randomly? Anyone else with te same problem?

  12. anyone know what this green pee icon does, version 1.7 in chinese language? Can I just uninstall it?

  13. I Read on etowalk that the camera hardware is 8.0MP but the android software limits it to 3.0MP is this true? it is stated in the specs for the model with android 2.2

    There is also a model identical to it listed as a windows mobile phone must be same model just different software loaded on it also with a 8.0MP camera but doesn't mention any such limitation caused by the software.

    Your example is the original WM6.5 which have flashed yourself to Droid2.2 has this put a limitation on your cams hardware?


  15. sk_7_86, in fact the camera in Android is limited to 3MP, but that's already reported and maybe there will be a fix soon.

    GNS, I have recently published here in my blog a tutorial on how to flash new ROMs to the HD9. Please have a look and you will find the answers you need.

  16. so the hardware truly is 8.0MP just android is at the moment limited, did you see any difference in photo quality after you flashed to android 2.2?

    and one thing I find weird is if android is limited how can samsung say that the samsung galaxy S has a 5.0MP camera if android limits it, then again the version of android on the galaxy S is custom I guess.

    Anyway are there any phones being manufactured in china that feature faster newer processors closer to the likes HTC samsung and the like are using currently in their latest models, I've heard reviews of the current line of processors being used in the current china phones give a sluggish experience.

  17. Bruno,

    thanks for this review. I was a happy with your work on the DX900. Due to a broken glass digitizer i was searching for a new Phone. I'm now thinking of buying this phone. I have one question. Í will use the phone mostly for email with Microsoft Exchange. In your review you're absolutly positive on Android. But if i read the comments on etowalk and eten-users it's seems like Windows mobile is faster (at this moment). what do you recommend?
    I'will flash ROM if needed (and curiousity ;-)

  18. Yes, I've seen some users saying that Windows Mobile it's faster. May be true, but I prefer because of all the features you can get from Android. For me WM6.5 is part of the past.

    I don't know if you can set up Android to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server, but for sure it's not limited to Gmail accounts only.

    As you may have seen in the tutorial, the process of flashing is not so complicated and you can easily change the OS.

  19. Hello Bruno.
    I'm Portuguese too;)
    I've bought one (Tops HD2 LEO T8585 Multi-touch Dual Sim) from etowalk too, and it's very good option. Mine came as yours with WM6.5 and the SPB Shell and have lots of bugs on screen rotating and things like that. I would like to install Android too(hope to be more user friendly).I have the flash cabe USB to 3,5 mm, and the android files but just don't know where to get the software (SP Flash Tool for MT6516). Can you help me. Can you give me your email so we can talk Portuguese too? ;)

  20. Please go to this forum to get all the latest information as well as custom ROMs:

  21. what happens if you access youtube?
    does it have flash light or normal flash...

    if yes i know that it doesn't have enought cpu power to do everything you want but can you overclock it a bit to get more performance?

  22. I Just got this phone and the second sim card slot doesn't work. Anyone experience this same problem?

  23. Are you sure you have inserted the SIM card in the correct position? I haven't heard about that problem.

  24. I got the simcard figured out. Has any purchased the extended battery for this phone? I'm thinking of picking one up.

  25. Hi my friend
    how you install android ?

    i have the same phone htc hd2 t8585 dual sim
    the diference is my cpu is snapdragon
    wait you hanks a lot

    my email

  26. I'm sorry to tell you, but if you have a chinese clone (with dual SIM support) your CPU is not Snapdragon. You wish...

    Is this the phone you have:

  27. Hi bgcngm,

    I'm portuguese to.

    What about GPS? It works fine or not?

  28. Hello,

    GPS works perfectly. On a cold start, it can take around 2-3 minutes to get a fix. On a hot start, I get a position fix in approximately 10 seconds.

    There was a problem although with the reported speed (GPS driver was reporting almost twice the real speed), but I've fixe that bug today.

  29. HI Bruno ( Olá tuga e parabéns pelo trabalho)

    Can anyone, share links where I can buy this device?

    Etowalk, looks to me that don´t have paypal...


  30. Hello,

    Etotalk (from the same seller) accepts PayPal directly on the site. Nevertheless, you can send an e-mail to Jeremy ( and he will then send you a PayPal invoice. Don't forget to refer me so that you can have the 5 USD discount. ;)

  31. "There was a problem although with the reported speed (GPS driver was reporting almost twice the real speed), but I've fixe that bug today."

    This problem of mine is the gps with his speed. Do you help with the correction? Please!!!

  32. snapszer, I thought you already knew the support forum for this device.

    Here ( you can find all my custom ROMs for it.

  33. Yes, I know the forum already. My telephone not HD9, but A4.
    Your rom's good in my phone?

  34. No, my ROM does not work in your phone. It has many hardware differences when comparing to the HD9, such as a resistive screen...

  35. I am sad...
    Can you help me, that where find the A4 suitable Windows rom?

  36. Hello!
    You can help for me to correct it myself the gps speed mistake?

  37. My phone runs terribly slow (it has android 2.2 v1) and as such is unusable. Can this phone be over-clocked? If yes, whats the process?

  38. Hi,

    Thanks for nice review of this phone. I too just bought this phone. But the phone seems to be bit slow compared other ones. Does the phone supports Android 2.3.x ? Where do you download the ROM from ? Could you provide me link for 2.2 as well 2.3 Pls?

  39. Hello, bgcngm.
    I am Brazilian and I have this SmartPhone:

    The mine came with Windows Mobile 6.5 and I want to install Android. You know where I can download a ROM compatible with this smartphone?

    Thank you.

    Signed: Nayton - E-mail

  40. hi,
    seems that FG8/A601 has the same problem with the reported gps speed, can u share your solution ?

  41. The solution to the GPS speed bug was already made public... I've posted the instructions in this post:

  42. Hi all, does this phone have 3g internet?

  43. That question was totally unnecessary if you had read the entire review (part I, in particular).

    No MT6516 based smartphone supports 3G data connections.

  44. I have a Star A9000 phone (, with Android 2.2.1 that suffers with loss of mobile network. I think that reflashing will solve this issue, once it's a Android bug. HD9 firmware will work on my device?

  45. I have that mobile with WM 6.5
    Can you make an tutorial to install only the Android?
    I really need it (portuguese version)

    [Sou português pah!] :P

    Gratefully (Agradecido):

  46. Read my MT6516 flashing tutorial and you'll know how to do exactly what you want.

    Although the tutorial is generic (which means it is valid for other MT6516 based smartphones), the examples shown refer to HD9.

    Please beware if the phone you have is really HD9, because there are very similar models and you can brick your phone.

  47. Can you help me then? I need to ask you a few questions and talk with you... add me on msn:

    I really need help in this...

  48. Go to the support forum ( You can find there lots of information and people willing to help you.

  49. Bruno,

    I have just purchased a Tops HD2 HD9 3G WCDMA Android 2.3 Dual Sim phone from Etowalk which looks exactly like the phone you have reviewed here but now I'm confused because on their site it claims the CPU is the MT6573 ?

    They have unfortunately sent me a euro charger and chinese manual even though I ordered a UK charger and UK manual (unfortunately I can't read chinese!).

    Do you know where I can get an English manual for it and have you got some updated ROMs that I am very happy to donate to you for?



  50. You have bought the new version of HD9 (based on MT6573), that I have reviewed here:

    Regarding the charger it's a pity that they have provided the wrong charger. They are so used to sell to Europe that they must have missed that. The manual is only provided in Chinese, but you don't need that.

    For any other comments about that phone, please post in the right section.

  51. please tell me mtk6516 phones can be overclock! i have a 5" A8500 android 2.2. nice screen but poor/slow performance. i rooted it but still can't overclock it, damn!