Sunday, February 13, 2011

MT6516 flashing tutorial

Here you can find the instructions on how to flash your MT6516 based phone. Although example images shown here refer to a specific phone, you can flash other phones based on this MediaTek chipset, with the correct ROM files, of course.

Make sure you read everything carefully and know what you are doing. Don't blame me for any damage on your phone.

What's needed:
  • Flashing cable (USB to UART cable with PL2303 chip)
         USB to UART cable                      Pinout (phone side)
  • USB data cable
  • Profilic PL2303 drivers
  • MediaTek USB VCOM drivers
  • SP Flash Tool (v1.1110 or higher)
  • SN Write Tool (alternatively Maui META or WriteCode can be used as well)

And now the tutorial...
  • Make sure that you have already installed the Profilic PL2303 drivers needed for the USB to 3,5 mm headphone cable.
  • Open SP Flash Tool for MT6516 and chose which system you want to flash in your HD9. Under project you are able to choose Android or Windows Mobile.
  • Make sure you have selected the right COM port is selected and that baud rate is set to 921600 bps.
  • Click on Format to literally format NAND flash of your MT6516 device.
  • Then turn off your device, remove the battery and plug the serial cable to the PC and the jack to the phone.
  • Click Start, replace the battery and press power button for a few seconds until you see the red progress bar along with the message Format All is Processing.
  • After the red progress bar is complete, the real format will begin and a green progress bar will appear.
  • When the process is finished a new window will pop up, just press OK to continue.

  • Now remove the battery once again, keeping the serial cable connected to the PC and the phone.
  • Click Download and make sure that every file needed (again, example for the specific phone used for this tutorial) to flash Android / Windows Mobile is selected:
    • Android
      • BK Modem DB / RS Modem DB - BPLGUInfoCustomApp_MT6516_S01_MAUI_10A_W10_48
      • BK AP DB / RS Modem DB - APDB_MT6516_S00_2010_20
      • PRELOADER - preloader_bird16_a10y.bin
      • UBOOT - uboot_bird16_a10y.bin
      • BOOTIMG - boot.img
      • RECOVERY - recovery.img
      • SEC_RO - secro.img
      • ANDROID - system.img
      • LOGO - logo.bin
      • USERDATA - userdata.img
    • Windows Mobile
      • BK Modem DB / RS Modem DB - BPLGUInfoCustomApp_MT6516_S01_MAUI_09B_W10_16_MP_V5
      • BK AP DB / RS Modem DB - APDB_MT6516_S00_2010_20
      • FLASH BIN file - flash.bin
      • XLDR - MT6516_mldrnandforMTK.nb0
      • EBOOT - MT6516_EBOOTNAND.nb0

  • Click Start, replace the battery and press power button for a few seconds until you see the red progress bar along with the message Download is Processing.
  •  After the red progress bar is complete, there will appear a purple progress bar.
  • Right after the purple progress bar is complete, you’ll have to connect the normal USB data cable. The message will appear under the progress bar: “Please insert USB cable in x seconds”.
  • After plugging the USB  data cable into the phone the download will start. The first time you connect the cable, your computer will detect a new hardware and you’ll have to install MT6516 USB VCOM drivers.
  • There will be one yellow progress bar for every part of the ROM (preloader to userdata / xldr to eboot).
  • After all is complete a new window will appear with a report of the download. The following popup should appear:

  • Now you have completed the process of flashing the ROM into your device. Because the NAND flash was formatted in the beginning of the flash progress, you have now to re-write your phone IMEI1 and IMEI2.
  • Open SN Write Tool and make sure that the correct COM port is selected and baud rate is set to 115200 bps.
  • While keeping only serial cable connected to the phone, remove the battery and wait 10 seconds with the battery removed.
  • Click Start and you be asked to enter IMEI1 and IMEI2. Enter the correct number in the correct fields.
  • After entering the correct IMEI numbers and clicking OK, you have to replace the battery and press power button on the phone. If you have flashed Android, => Meta mode will appear in the bottom left of the screen.

Attention: Please follow the instructions carefully. I will not take any responsibility on whatever may happen with your phone.

Note: All needed tools and drivers can be downloaded from my MT6516 Tools 4shared folder. The password to login is Have fun.

Update: Here's a trick if you want to flash just one part of the ROM, in this case the recovery. Without formatting flash, deselect all parts except the one you want to flash.

After that, you just have to click start and turn on the phone with USB data cable connected (in this case you don't need the USB serial cable).


  1. Thanks a lot bgcngm.
    Excellent tutorial, very useful.
    Best regards.

  2. In the future... you think will be possible to upgrade or change the phone OS only with SD card?

  3. At the moment that is already possible... you can update to an earlier ROM for the system you have already installed using the SD card method.

    Although, in Android there are two types of ROM updates (an update with all the files like I mentioned or a single file). It's simple, if you have you can only flash via SD card, else via this method.

    Other than that, this method must be used when you want to change between different system (from Windows Mobile to Android or vice-versa).

  4. Please help me, my HD2 have 8gb build in and not have sdcard slot, how can I made upgrades of firmware?

  5. I've beem trying to flash my MTK HD2, but it gives me allways an error during the download of the nem ROM: SP FLASHTOOL ERROR:S_FT_NFB_DOWNLOAD_CODE_FAIL (4014) Fail to download Image(s) to NAND falsh! [HINT]:

    The cable and drivers are ok working, the files used are the one you have in

    Please help me as soon as possible. What should be the problem? Your instructions are almoust perfect and it was doing fine but at 37% the error stops the download.

  6. Are you sure you have all the drivers correctly installed (for both flash and data cables)? Please make sure that your battery charge is at least 50%.

    Don't forget to connect the USB data cable when needed or else the ROM download will not begin.

  7. Great Work.... Congratulation,anyway i try to download MTK.7Z from foolder but everytimes i've error link, can you upload agaim please?
    many thansk

  8. Every file in my 4shared folder is accessible. You should try again later or use another web browser to download the file.

  9. Please bgcngm:

    For this phone with android 2.2... Can you explain in another thread, how to use the Android System Recovery utility during boot?

    How to perform a hard reset?

    How to apply sdcard


    Thanks in advance.

  10. In addition... Can you explain how to upgrade from 'v2.2 vx' to your 'HD9 Android 2.2 V4MOD by BM' with a SDcard method (without data cables)?

    Thanks a lot.

  11. Please go to this forum to get all the latest information as well as custom ROMs:

  12. hello,
    very nice and usefull job. thank you

    One question : where can I find these SP Flash tool MT6516 and the SN write tool ???


  13. You haven't paid attention to the post... Just look at the end note.

  14. Superb writeup. Wish you could come up with similar thing on H2000 Dual SIM Android too.

  15. Thanks Bruno for another great custom ROM (your V6). I am now using the swap file on SD card after getting hold of a 32Gb Lexar class 10 (HD) micro SD card.

  16. Thx.. Due to this tutorial I was able to flash my A738 dual sim phone... set new IMEIs again... good job..

  17. Hi Bro,

    Thank you for this special tutorial, i was looking for it for about 6 months! I have a T-mobile HD2, i bought it from shenzhen, china last summer. the main difference between mine and yours is about the style (maybe mine is older) but the specs are exactly the same (also my phone includes a built-in 16GB storage card, i don't know about yours). and my question: is it possible for me to use these android ROMs on my phone? now, it's a WM6.5 build 23101.5.3.3 and i made a customized M2D (like HD2 sense) for it.
    check this:

    pls give me your email, i'll send you some photos of my phone.

    Thank you again
    xaxix [at] ymail [dot] com

  18. Hello,

    I know, the phone you have is the previous version that is not a 1:1 HD2 copy. It's called HD2-T (and has built-in memory).

    I advise you right away not to flash your phone using the ROMs for the HD9, because your phone will stop working (screen driver is different).

  19. Hi,
    thank you for your reply and kind advice! but i found some pictures of HD2-T that's running Android
    pls check:

    if it's true, where can i find the special Android ROMs? how is the flashing process, the same as your way for HD9?

    as you know the windows ROMs running so slowly on these phones, and i'm looking for Android for a smoother performance

  20. Hello,
    is it possible that the cable sold from isn't good for flashing?
    I am not able to fix the imei following all the tutorial....

  21. It may be possible... Please download MauiMETA from my 4shared folder and check if that works.

  22. dear bgcngm, im just waiting for your reply. thank you

  23. Dear Mohammad,

    I don't know where to find the Android ROMs for the HD2-T. Maybe the best thing is to try to ask your seller.

    As for the flashing method, it should be exactly the same to flash the ROM into your phone.

  24. The flashing tools and ROMs files works on FG8 phone?

  25. will this cable work?

  26. No, that cable doesn't work because it's a USB to audio converter.

  27. Hi, thanks a lot for your tutorial. i have some questions:

    - can i flash this ROM to my Star A2000? i think they have same specs.

    - where can i get the flashing cable (USB to Serial cable with 3.5 mm headphone jack) online?


  28. In your review about your T8585 you wrote about Capacitive Touch Screen. I've got the Resistive Touch Screen Version.

    Is the Resistive Touch Screen also supportet by the ROMS i can Download from your 4Shared Folder?

    Or better (would be happy, if you may explain to me). How are drivers for the Touchscreen, Wifi etc. are handled in Android Roms? Do i have to care about getting a rom with specified drivers? Or am i able e.g. to use any Rom made for the MTK6516 chip?


  29. Truly Java and Andreas, you can't use the ROMs designed for the HD9 in your phones.

    Although the hardware is almost the same (MT6516 based), there are certain differences like the screen type and size. You should be aware that it won't work. Of course, if you decide to try, you can always flash back the original Android ROM designed for your device, but make sure you have it.

    Regarding the flashing cable, you'll get plenty result if you Google (try also on eBay).

    EDIT: Direct link for a shop that sells the flashing cable:

  30. Well thank's a lot!
    Unfortunately I dont have any Android Rom for my Mobile i bought from Etowalk.

    The same Phone is offerd with an Android OS and an WinMobile 6.5 OS by etowalk.

    For X-Mas i got the WinMob version but i would prefer Android OS.

    Etowalk is shown as a partner to you (your Blog) maybe you can organize a working rom for me?

    Link to my Phone:

    Link to the Android one:

    Thanks a Lot
    Best wishes from Germany

  31. Well, the best thing you can do is to ask Etowalk for the Android ROM that works with your phone (MTK HD2-T).

  32. Okay I'll do that.
    Youre calling it HD2-T ...
    Doe's this -T mean the T-Mobile version?
    As far as i know it isn't the Tmobile version ...

  33. Yes, I thought it was the T-Mobile version. Nevertheless, contact Etowalk and they should send you the proper Android ROM for your phone.

  34. hey.. i tried to flash my hd7 quiet similar to this phone. i have a problem. when downloading, i get error. can you help me please. i just bought the phone and cannot use it.

  35. I have recently bought a chinese clone of HD2. The model number on the box is T8585, and it is with win 6.5. Can I change the OS to Android by following the above steps? If yes, do I need all the files from 4shared folder? Which one should I select. The original ROM or the custome ROM?

  36. Man help me!!! i have a problem,

    I do everything and everything goes right, when you arrive at the download it only appears the purple bar once, and then blue and then gives error "EBOOT ERROR: (13000)


    I think it's all right, I did it for my hd2 china version has bug in it was corrupted sd card

    you know what I can do?

  37. Hi bgcngm. Many thanks for this info. It's been very useful. My cellphone is not a HD9 but an old TOPS A1 (ROM256MB/RAM256MB). Now I've got a question:

    - Is there any procedure to unpack/edit/repack the boot.img file? I'd like to customize the init.rc because I need to make more room into /data.

  38. Dear bgcnmg.

    I'm portuguese to and I've bought an HD9 (HD2 dual sim MT6516) with the android 2.1.1. OS allready installed. I've read the tutorial and download the rom and tools files. Before I try this procedure, I wanna make you some questions. Your custom ROMs can be used in the SD method for ROM updates? There are any tutorial for these procedure?
    Before I go, I like to congratulate and thank you for these fine job. If these ROMs really improve my device, I will certain donate for it.

    Best regards,


  39. I have released only one full custom ROM (V7MOD) in format (flashable via SD card method only). In order to flash that ROM you have to install my custom recovery released with V6MOD.

    In order to flash via SD card method, you should copy (untouched, or else it will not work) into the root of your micro SD memory card. Afterwards, put your phone into recovery mode, navigate under the menu and choose the option "Flash". It's recommended to clear all data/cache (using the proper menu option) after this.

  40. Hi Bruno.

    I've allready made my donation for your work; about that, I want to know (if is possible, of course) the average value of the donations you received, this is my first time and I don't have any ideia about these values.
    I've made the instalation of the new rom without any problem, just great. I have only one observation: the Max resolution of the camera with this ROM is 3MP, but in the previous ROM you included this improvement to 5MP. Can you tell me how can I solve this situation? And, can you suggest any "must have app" for this device?

    Best regards,

  41. where we can download MT6516 USB drivers? Please mail me the link to "" Please. Thanks in advance.

  42. Hi bgcngm! Thanks for the excellent tutorial on flashing the MT65xx based phones. I've got all the a tools and drivers downloaded, but I need the USB to 3.5mm PL2303 interface cable pictured in the tutorial. I have looked, but I'm very leery of some suppliers that just want to sell a simple patch cord audio adapter. Can you please,please, recommend a source?

  43. You should pay more attention to what is written here...

  44. Hi bgcngm! I got the right cable you indicated. It installed smoothly BUT the highest BAUD rate available in the Control Panel for its COM port is 128000. The SP Tool is set to the right speed but I can't match it at the control panel. I'm running XP-SP3.

    Also, is it normal to be unable to install the MTK65xx driver at this stage, before it the flash is partly done?

  45. Hello, I'm a howner of Galaxys I9000mini, do you know? I've some problem with gps, bluetooth and some noise during conversations then I want to reflash the firmware. This are my questions:

    Cable for I9000mini is quite different (USB/Mini USB), where I can find this cable?

    Do you know if exist an or a cooked rom for this phone?

    It's possible to make a rom extracting original firmware?
    Thx, Thomas.

  46. Hello dear frend, thanks for you share this method.

    The cable used in this procedure, is a normal usb to Jack cable or it's special ?

    If this is a special cable, where is possible to buy it ?


  47. I bought a smartphone Chine model A3QR or (G7i K8181 MTK6516 Mobile Phone).

    I would like a Rom froyo 2.2.1 Android, can you help me to find a link where I can download this image.

    I tried use your rom "HD9 Android 2.2 V7 (SD only)" , the bootloader charge this rom, all ok, but I had a problem, the phonino remains with screen all white, the resolution is wrong.

    I prefer file for flashing, because I have not the cable for flashing, in italy is very difficult find this.

    Thank you if you could help me find some solution.


  48. Dear friends,

    I found a cable for a possible use with procedure described in this blog. It's correctly ?

    Cable USB TTL rs232 pl2303 3v to 5v.

    If this is ok, I need only the firmeware for A3QR smartphone Chine.

    Thanks for everybody that wish help me.


  49. i cannot instal the Profilic PL2303 drivers on my pc please help...

  50. bm, thanks for your support!

    screen res of 480x800 is right for your V7ROM?

  51. Slovak language can be upload? Model: G7 Desire Google Android smart phone ID100

  52. Does anyone has ust to 3.5 audio jack cable schema ? I am not able to buy it.

  53. I tried to . it is updated but thoucscreen doesn' work now. How can i slove it?
    Thank for your helps...

  54. Please help,,

    I am trying to install WindowsMobile 6.5 frimware and i am getting error like this :

    "EBOOT ERROR: (13000)


    Which driver should i install for usb cable? Win7 found it as a mobilphone....

  55. After you get that popup message, copy FLASH.BIN to UPDATE folder inside the SD card, connect your phone to your computer, hold Vol. Up button and press Power On button. Phone will enter into bootloader mode and start flashing the ROM.

  56. Is there a way to install the original ROM from the original recovery? I've got a Star A2000 Android 2.2

  57. Hello I just flash the ROM and everything was fine it says how your tutorial says but when I tried to switch on the cellphone is nothing is only black I can see the screen is on but it is all black nothing else coming out from the screen can somebody help me please my cellphone HD2 captive it was working before and now after the flash nothing I did everything step by step how it says here but nothing....

  58. Hello, do you have an explanation about my phone? I have a touch diamond2 a1++ dualsin, I bought a PL2303 usb-usb cable, and followed your instructions, but there is no response by the smartphone. Could you suggest me the right android ROM for it? Since it has a wvga/wqvga display, I found a rom which flashes through micro sd, but the screen remains white. Thank you, happy 2012!

  59. Hello BGCNGM.

    First off all...

    I've readed carefully each and every word of your post, plus all the commentaries.

    But, as I live in Brazil (Rio), there are certain issues that may come to complicate one part of the process: The data cable.

    1 - Could you please point out somewhere nearby me where I can buy one.

    2 - What is the EXACTLY name/type of this cable.

    3 - Any idea if the given tutorial would work out with a H6 Android 2.2.1 Phone?

    4 - I've tried to flash this phone with one of my LG Optimus ME P350f's Custom Recovery ROMs, it didn't work, neither brick it. I just couldn't boot into the system normally then I had it hard reseted (Holding Down Vol. + factory reset). As a result of that, I lost my two SIMs access (The IMEIs are not showed/shown as "Invalid IMEI 1" "Invalid IMEI 2").
    4.1 - Is there a way of re-write the IMEIs without the data cable?

    and at least...

    WHAT is the PASSWORD for your 4shared FOLDER?

    Thanks in advance,

    See yo'

    1. I don't know where you can buy this cable near you. If you want you can send me your e-mail and I'll send you a private message.

      The procedure described in this tutorial works for all MT6516 bases phones, so it will work with your H6. Please beware that you should only flash a ROM that was designed for your phone.

      Regarding your IMEI numbers issue, the only way is to re-write using the USB to UART cable.

  60. Thanks for th info. It seems to be the best hope of salvaging my bricked W008+.

    I'm trying to flash my 'system' partition only. I can get as far as the yellow bar at 99% but then it stops and I get the error:

    EBOOT ERROR : (14006)

    [Android]Send image via usb failed!

    Download image error !

    I'm using the USB driver from your download package and I've matched the BAUD rates in driver and app' at various speeds to no avail. Battery is charged. I've tried on 2 machines with the same effect so I don't think there's any interferance with the USB.

    What else can I try?

    1. More...

      I'm able to flash recovery and boot images but not system or secstatic. I think this is a yaffs2 related problem.

      I extracted all images from the phone using 'dump_image' so I don't know what that means for brom/eboot formats???

  61. A bit more from me... I've flashed recovery and boot so I guess the interface is working ok. But I still fail with system at 99% so why would it fail on this file but not others?

  62. Hi I did couple flash with HTC/ imate, but this document clarify how to flash the China based mobiles model.
    Recently I brought MT6516 model based phone(H2000 smartphone),it has valid IMEI1 & IMEI2 but when I used my SIM it shows as No service in both slot, could please help me out how to fix the issue? Do I need to flash phone or rewrite the IMEIs.

    Looking for you great help..

    Thanks in advance.

  63. Hello I want to know ehere can I bought the falsh cable? and my other questio is if I can do this on mt6516 HTC Deseri HD A9191?? It is a chinese phone

    1. You can search on eBay, for example. Use these search words: USB to UART PL2303.

      Regarding your second question, if your phone is MT6516 based, then the method described on this tutorial applies.

  64. Can you tell me: the pinout is equal to all Android phones (I have H7000)? Thanks a lot.

    1. Yes, the pinout is equal to all MT6516 based devices.

    2. Thanks a lot for you reply. Can you tell me, this cable: - can be the cable for flashing? And, if you know, where I can find the firmware for Hero H7000?

    3. Yes, that can be the cable that you need to get in order to flash your MT6516 device.

  65. I bought a similar cable with no labels. What is the green, white and black cable?

    1. I would say that black is GND, so the others would be RX and TX. You can safely try to solder the pins one way and if that doesn't work then de-solder and solder the other way.

  66. Hi,

    Can you please write an easy step by step on how to flash z1 android watch. I am stuck with this problem that would not allow me to reach the home screen :

    sorry! the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.

    1. There is no other step by step tutorial to detail how to flash your MT6516 device. You will need to find the correct ROM for your device and then follow this tutorial.

    2. Thank you for the reply. I'm not very familiar with android and looked everywhere for a solution but I found none. Do you think you can help finding a rom for this watch?
      Thank you

    3. Don't you ever heard that Google is your friend? With a simple search on Google I've found this thread related with your device over XDA forums.

      Further discussion about your device should be done at that thread. This tutorial serves for the generic flashing of MT6516 devices, not to questions related to particular devices.

  67. Very Helpful bgcngm. Thank you
    I need some help please:
    My Chipset is MTK 6589. Can I use this kind of flash method for this chipset with UART RS 232 cable
    Actually after I flashed wrong files Phone's com port is constantly connecting and disconnecting and I'm not able to flash anything with SP Flash Tool (latest version) and correctly installed VCOM drivers. The error is:
    [H/W] Fail to download DA to baseband chip's internal SRAM! [HINT]:
    1. There's an cable communication problem between FlashTool and BootROM.
    2. Target might be shutdown unexpectedly or target lost power supply.
    I see that the only way to reformat it is with UART PL2303 cable which I have.
    Can you give some advice what to do if there is something not described in your post?

    Thank you in advance

    1. If you have a MT6589 based device, then you only need the USB data cable. Have a look at the proper tutorial:

  68. By the way I tried with different drivers VCOM, clear cache drivers, testing on different PC - Win XP, and Win 7 32 bit and SP Flash Tool always pop's up with the described error in my previous post; I have stock files and NVRAM back up. Is the UART RS232 enough for deeper mode of Formating and Downloading or not?
    Thank you again.

    1. That was only needed for MT6516 based devices. As I wrote, for newer SoC's like MT6589 the USB to UART cable is not used and everything can be done with the USB data cable.

    2. Then please give advise why SP Flash Tool pops up with this ERROR and I can't continue with flashing. I see that other people have the same problem but no one have discover what is the reason and how to fix it. I really hope that you can help.

    3. Try out other versions of SP Flash Tool, make sure the battery is full enough and try different USB cable.

  69. What will happen if I start flash without battery and then drops installations?
    I tried with different USB cable and and full charged battery. The same ERROR